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Work Related Learning

Work related learning (WRL)

At Combe Pafford we pride ourselves in our aspiration for all pupils to be in work when they leave us from 6th form.  To support this aspiration we have developed an exciting and focused WRL curriculum that is built on a solid foundation in yr4 and runs with the pupils all the way through their school life.

Pupils from year 4 up to year 13 are provided with WRL support across the curriculum in subjects such as English, maths, careers, learning for life, where links are made to real life work related topics.  We give further information and support through whole school and phase assemblies and targeted displays around the school.  All year groups up to year 8 attend regular lessons in our dedicated vocational classrooms where they are immersed in an environment which raises awareness of the need to find a job, where we promote positive work attitudes, where we teach essential skills for work and where we aim to develop essential practical skills for work by providing a range of fun and engaging tasks in a range of disciplines including, plumbing, painting and decorating, hairdressing and hospitality and catering.

 Our year 9 pupils enjoy a slightly different opportunity.   Their timetable has provision for them to rotate each week around all the option subjects that are available to them from year 10.   These subjects are care, motor vehicle, construction, animal care, hair and beauty, hospitality and catering and horticulture.   Year 9 pupils spend 4 weeks in each subject which allows them to sample each one, receiving information and advice from each tutor which, allows the pupils to make a more informed option choice at the end of year 9.   After making informed option choices pupils are taught within year 10 and year 11 in dedicated and state of the art vocational buildings which include a modern 3 ramp garage, a construction area that has areas for a range of different construction skills, a modern and up to date hair and beauty salon, a dedicated small and exotic animal area, a range of outdoor and indoor horticulture learning spaces and a working commercial café and kitchen.

 Pupils in our 6th form are provided with very specific work experience ‘pathways’ to support their transition into paid or voluntary employment. Pupils spend up to 2 days each week out on work placements where they are coached and supported by our team of dedicated job coaches.  When in school, they enjoy a 6th form building which is rich with support and knowledge about work and skills for work.   6th form pupils are supported in their chosen work related ‘pathways’ through appropriately levelled vocational qualifications and work placements with local and national employers:  Pupils on the retail pathway will enjoy work placements at the local Sainsbury’s superstore, pupils on the motor vehicle pathway will enjoy work placements at National Tyres and pupils on the hospitality and catering pathway will work in local hotels.

 At Combe Pafford we offer a range of up to 20 dedicated and differentiated work related vocational qualifications for pupils in years 10, 11, 12 and 13, across a range of disciplines to support their journey into work.   Work Related Learning and successful employment for our pupils are areas that all staff members are passionate about and, we are constantly striving to adapt and develop our provision to provide the best possible start in life for our pupils.

 We believe that our work related learning provision is moving forward in the right direction.  We know this because at the end of 2018/ 2019 academic year we have achieved the ‘best in the country’ figure of 80% of our pupils gaining successful entry into part time or fulltime work.

 Work related learning, it’s a Combe Pafford thing!