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Children who are finding it difficult to focus on their learning and whose behaviour is causing concern in the classroom through either disruption or lack of interest, have often missed essential early learning experiences, those learnt through nurture, play and consequence.  In order to provide an environment where the children can be helped it is important to understand that this early learning is formulated through the body’s learnt memories, before the age of speech.

These gaps in learnt experiences can be filled through fun, age appropriate activities, giving the experiences that enable the child to be more open, empathic, capable of loving, discerning and to be able to think and engage in learning, therefore developing a healthy and confident sense of self.

To help us to do this at Combe Pafford School we use a programme called the ‘Thrive Approach’ which teaches:

  • what their behaviour means
  • new ways of responding
  • ways to reshape their stress management systems
  • how to improve their emotional resilience
  • increased emotional literacy
  • greater ability to engage with life and learning

We carry out individual assessments to identify the needs of each child and then these needs can be addressed with an individually tailored Thrive action plan which is implemented in a comfortable, safe and fun environment.

For further information about our Thrive programme please contact Marie Willdigg at school.