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The Reading Spine

We are committed to supporting pupils in developing a lifelong love of reading. Sharing a book together in class is a big part of this. In Years 4-8, a set number of story times are required each week.

However, as well as ensuring time is dedicated to enjoying a book together, we want to make sure the books on offer are inspiring and of a high quality. We are keen to provide pupils with books that act as both a window and a mirror – a window to other lives, and a mirror reflecting back their own experiences.

In Years 4-8 we have a reading spine, which is a set of carefully chosen books for each classroom. We hope these will provide quality reading experiences as well as showing the children a diverse view of our world. Our reading spine makes up the bulk of the texts used during story times in class, although there is also room to choose books based on the interests of the class.

Click here to see the Reading Spine Document.