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The Library

We are lucky enough to have a big, well-stocked library at Combe Pafford. This is a hive of activity throughout the day, with interventions taking place and classes coming to spend time reading and choosing books.

We subscribe to the Devon Library Service, which means that we can borrow almost any book we can think of. This ensures we are well resourced for teaching all manner of topics across the curriculum.

In addition to this, one of the real highlights of our subscription is the fact that we are able to involve pupils in choosing the books to be stocked in our library. At several points in the year, pupils are asked to list the type of books they would like to see in their library. The Devon Library Service bring a selection of these books to school on a library bus, and pupils can select the books they would like in the library. This guarantees there are always fresh, up to date and exciting books available to read, that cater for a wide range of levels and interests.