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Sustainability and the Environment


It is a Government set target for all public buildings to achieve net zero carbon.

What we have done:

  • Changed refuse collection company resulting in a 50% reduction in general waste to landfill
  • All our skip waste is recycled
  • Purchased a drum that turns our old bricklaying mortar back in to sand, so it can be reused in the construction department
  • Upcycle and sell furniture
  • The children are responsible for taking the recycled waste to the external bins, so they learn what can and cannot be recycled and see where their waste goes
  • Hold termly meetings with staff to promote and plan sustainability in all areas

Recycling Symbol - Download the Original Recycle Logo

What we are doing:

  • Mixed dry recycling
  • Promoting recycling
  • Covering sustainability topics in Humanities, Science and assemblies
  • Using reusable ring binders instead of books to cut down on glue sticks and wastage
  • Moving towards paperless offices – the IT department have achieved this goal already!
  • Banning the laminator!
  • Planning to recycle all food waste
  • Arrange trips to recycling centres
  • Celebrate and promote recycling week each year
  • Display children’s posters as reminders to adults
  • Completing a lighting review to replace all our old high energy use lights with energy efficient fittings
  • Investing in expert advice to reduce our energy consumption and use sustainable energy sources