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Staffing and Support

Sixth Form students are supported by a wide range of staff in pursuit of their studies. Specialist teachers deliver Maths and English in targeted small groups, whilst a team of dedicated Job Coaches support students in their work placements, liaise with employers and assist with travel training. Specialist tutors deliver vocational pathways, Work Skills and Life Skills whilst a pastoral specialist is on hand four days a week to support students with their emotional well-being and any personal problems. The team is led by the Head of Sixth Form, Mr E.W. Thompson.

Other key staff are listed below :

  • Kirsty Mills (Sixth Form Manager)
  • Stephanie Morgan (Careers Advisor)
  • Abi Sainsbury (Sixth Form Administrator)
  • Roxanne Burness-Moakes (P1 Tutor)
  • Tamsin Moore (P2 and W3 Tutor)
  • Rosemary Dolan (W1 Tutor)
  • Vicki Monnington (W2 Tutor)
  • Nadine Broadway (Animal Care Tutor)
  • Amanda Bellamy (Care Tutor)
  • Wayne Stamenkovic (Construction Tutor)
  • Tracey Dowell (Hairdressing Tutor)
  • James Bell (Hospitality and Catering Tutor)
  • Paul Grainger (Motor Vehicle Tutor)
  • Linda Sampson (Painting and Decorating Tutor)
  • Ann Setters (Retail Tutor)
  • Linda Sampson and Wayne Stamenkovic (Work Skills Tutors)
  • Linda Sampson and Charlotte Helliwell (Life Skills Tutors)
  • Ann Setters, Carole McClarron, Claire Johnson, Vicky Hulbert, Amanda Bellamy, Sam Yeates (Job Coaches)