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Staffing and Support

Sixth Form students are supported by a wide range of staff in pursuit of their studies. Specialist teachers deliver Maths and English in small groups, whilst a team of dedicated Job Coaches support students in their work placements, liaise with employers and assist with travel training. A team of specialist tutors deliver vocational subjects, Work Skills and Life Skills whilst a pastoral specialist is on hand five days a week to support students with their emotional well-being and any personal problems they are experiencing. Various staff contribute to the delivery of additional subjects such as Employability, Fitness and Leisure, PSHE and Communication. The department is led by the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Roxanne Burness-Moakes

Other key staff are listed below :

  • Kirsty Mills (Sixth Form Manager and Pastoral Care)
  • Steph Morgan (Careers Advisor) Edward W Thompson (Temporary Careers Advisor)
  • Abi Sainsbury (Sixth Form Administrator)
  • Tamsin Moor (A1 Tutor and Horticulture Tutor)
  • Alison Keay (D2 Tutor, Teacher of English)
  • Lucy Attwood (Teacher of Maths)
  • Roxanne Burness-Moakes (Teacher of ICT and English)
  • Rosemary Dolan, Tasmin Moor and Molly Maclean (Employability Tutors)
  • Nadine Broadway (Animal Care Tutor)
  • Amanda Bellamy (Retail and Care Tutor)
  • Wayne Stamenkovic (Construction and Work Skills Tutor)
  • Emma Newson (Hairdressing Tutor)
  • James Bell (Hospitality and Catering Tutor)
  • Paul Grainger (Motor Vehicle Tutor)
  • Rosemary Dolan (D1 Tutor and Teacher of Maths)
  • Anthony Waring (Construction and W2 Tutor)
  • John Spooner (W1 Tutor)
  • Charlotte Helliwell (Life Skills Tutor)
  • Anna Kilner, Carole McClarron, Claire Johnson, Vicky Hulbert, Amanda Bellamy, Sam Yeates, Sue Parsons, Michelle Tuci (Job Coaches/LSAs)
  • Lisa Hutchins. Matt Cotton, Rebecca Gabriel (LSAs)