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Science Week

Science Week 2023 (13th – 16th March) 


For our 2023 Science week, we organised a whole school Brunel Engineering Week and utilised cross-curricular links as much as possible to reinforce 'STEM' as connecting subjects. Communication was a strong focus within all activities in the engineering projects across the school. 


All classes had an engineering brief to complete in Science lessons and there were various trips for years 4-9 to make STEM connections within our local area, themed around Brunel. 

  • Years 4- 6 - Steam Train Paignton to Kingswear 
  • Years 7 & 8 - GWR Starcross to Torquay 
  • Year 9 - Prince Albert Bridge visit. 

The Explorer Dome returned to Combe Pafford to end our celebration on Thursday 16th March. The hands on demonstration and stunning visuals provided a fully immersive science experience for all.