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Science Curriculum

At Combe Pafford School, we believe all children are scientists and have a fundamental capacity to observe, explore, investigate and challenge the rapidly evolving world around them. It is our ethos, that pupils deserve a curriculum to meet their differing needs to fulfil their unique potential.  The knowledge and skills acquired at Combe Pafford will support pupils to make informed decisions when faced with future medical, moral and ethical choices.  We intend to equip pupils with transferable skills to seek answers, tackle new ideas and challenges throughout their lives.

The Curriculum Intent

  • To spark and maintain pupils natural curiosity and sense of wonder.
  • To develop communication, critical thinking, resilience and problem-solving skills.
  • To increase social mobility and build on individual science capital.
  • To gain understanding of biological, chemical and physical processes of our world and apply to current global affairs.
  • To have a range of wider enrichment opportunities.
  • To have the opportunity to gain formal accreditation of their scientific knowledge

Our Curriculum Delivery

Science is taught once a week in Years 4 -6, twice a week in years 7-8 and three times a week in Years 9-11. In Years 4 – 8, pupils are taught in tutor groups, in Years 9 – 11, pupils are set according to science ability and taught by specialist teachers.

  • In Years 4 - 6, Science is taught through a coherently planned, sequenced and adapted KS1/KS2 national curriculum to meet the unique needs the pupils.
  • In Years 7, pupils are assessed on entry to find previous misconceptions and learning gaps. Pupils follow an adapted KS2/KS3 national curriculum depending on individual needs through to the end of Year 8, where they are assessed to identify the correct pathway for Year 9.
  • In Year 9, pupils will follow either an adapted KS2/KS3 national curriculum pathway or single entry level science accreditation and are assessed at the end of year 9 to determine KS4 pathways.
  • In Year 10-11 pupils will follow either Double Entry Level Science, Introductory Level 1 Certificate in Applied Science or GCSE chemistry.

Benefits to Pupils (Impact)

Science at Combe Pafford will provide pupils with a variety of skills linked to both scientific knowledge and enquiry. They will gain a richer vocabulary, enabling them to articulate their scientific understanding with family, friends and the wider community. The enriched activities will leave lasting memories and aspirations for pupils to become inquisitive and informed with a life-long connection to Science.