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Combe Pafford Policies

Combe Pafford School’s

Anti-Bullying Policy

Combe Pafford is a caring, friendly school that accepts everyone for who they are.  We want everyone to enjoy coming to our school.

We do not accept bullying!

What is bullying?

Bullying is when a child or a group is mean to another child and makes them sad over and over again.

Bullying can be;

Verbal                   Physical                    Cyber                  Emotional

What do pupils and staff do to stop bullying?

 We have an anti-bullying week every year in school

 We make anti-bullying posters for around the school

We have anti-bullying ambassadors in the School Council

The School Council created an anti-bullying policy and a charter

We learn how to report bullying and who to report it to        

¨ We always report bullying!