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Ready for Work

The principal aim of the Ready for Work route is to give students who have demonstrated their potential for work the opportunity to further develop their work skills in an appropriate work placement, alongside their core studies and their chosen vocational pathway. This route is aimed at students who have aspirations to obtain paid employment or an apprenticeship on leaving the Sixth Form, and it is expected that these students will already be able to, or be committed to travelling independently to and from the sixth form and their place of work. This route is geared towards helping students improve their academic and vocational qualifications whilst building up their skills and experience in the workplace so that they are in a strong position to apply for jobs and apprenticeships.

This route intends:

  • To improve the level students achieve in Maths, English and IT
  • To enable students to gain the highest qualification possible in their chosen vocational pathway
  • To support students to successfully build up their skills and experience in the workplace
  • To develop students’ resilience and confidence to succeed in the world of work
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for developing a healthy, active lifestyle
  • To provide opportunities for personal growth and development
  • To support students to travel independently to and from the sixth form/their work placements
  • To enable students to develop the ability to maintain their physical health and mental well being
  • To support students in their search for paid employment and/or apprenticeships

Curriculum implementation:

The curriculum for Ready for Work students consists of 2 days per week of core lessons (3 x Maths, 3 x English, 3 x Fitness and Leisure, 2 x Employability, 1 x IT and 1 x PSHE), 2 days per week on an approved work placement (supported by a job coach), and 1 day per week on a vocational pathway chosen from Animal Care, Care, Construction, Hairdressing, Horticulture, Hospitality and Catering, Motor Vehicle, Painting and Decorating, and Retail. In addition to the curriculum offer, a range of social and personal development opportunities are available for students to take advantage, such as a European residential, driving lessons, access to Outward Bound bursaries, and sixth form social events. All students are also expected to take part in a Teambuilding Day at the start of the school year.

The impact for students:

Students will develop carefully thought out and achievable aspirations for the future, and will be successful in obtaining part-time and/or holiday employment whilst they are in the sixth form. When the time comes to leave the sixth form, students will be well-equipped to compete for jobs and apprenticeship vacancies, and will be successful in obtaining permanent paid employment or an apprenticeship, or if appropriate, move onto an appropriate course at a local college of further education. The intention is that Ready for Work students will leave as independent, mature and well-rounded individuals with a positive outlook, who possess the confidence and resilience necessary to be successful in life.