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RWI Phonics

Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) is an approach which teaches children to recognise letters (graphemes) and their associated sounds (phonemes). It involves breaking down the word into the smallest units of sound.  Systematic Synthetic Phonics is the route to reading for all learners, whatever age they start on their reading journey.

Since 2021, it has been a requirement that schools use an SSP scheme validated by the Department for Education. We have chosen to use Read Write Inc (RWI), which is the UK’s leading SSP scheme. It takes learners through the processes of learning to decode, and on to building fluency and comprehension. When pupils complete the scheme, they are fluent, confident readers who are able to read for meaning.

Through careful assessment, we are able to identify gaps in phonic knowledge, and closely match RWI lessons and texts to the needs of the pupils. This ensures all pupils access a phonics curriculum that meets their needs and enables them move towards becoming fluent readers.

RWI Phonics is currently used across Lower School, for all pupils who need to build their reading fluency to the optimum pace of 90-100 words per minute. In Year 8, RWI Phonics is presented in a more grown up form for those who need it, and is known as Fresh Start. This follows the same teaching steps.

Information about RWI Phonics:

How to pronounce RWI sounds: