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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Intent

The Physical Education curriculum at Combe Pafford School is regularly reviewed to meet the needs of the current cohort of pupils, depending on ability, interest and engagement.  Our broad and balanced curriculum provides safe, positive and enjoyable learning experiences in order to promote a lifelong interest in physical activity. We identify swimming and water safety as a life skill for our pupils due to our geographic location, which provides us with easy access to open water. All pupils will have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike, including access to the Bikeability program.   Pupils will engage in a program, which is based on the fundamental skills of physical activity. This will then lead into competitive and non-competitive games and activities in years 8-10. The promotion of physical fitness for leisure is at the forefront of our planning to ensure that pupils are best prepared to lead healthy active lives. Physical Education in year 11 will focus on experiencing activities using facilities and specialist coaches within the local area.

Fundamentals (Year 4-7)

  • To be able to throw and catch.
  • To be able to run and jump.
  • Develop balance, coordination and agility.
  • To improve movement and body control.
  • To be able to ride a bike and begin to understand road safety.
  • To be safe in water and to swim confidently and competently.

Developers (Year 8-10)

  • To apply fundamental skills to team and individual games.
  • To use a range of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents.
  • To understand position and space within a range of games.
  • Be included and participate in physical activity.
  • To develop technique and improve performance in competitive sports.

Explorers (Year 11)

  • To introduce pupils to a range of activities they could take part in when they leave school
  • To experience a range of external providers to enrich curriculum
  • Access competition
  • To get involved in a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes and active healthy lifestyle.

The curriculum intent

All pupils in years 4 – 8 will receive two 55-minute lessons each week, one of which will be a swimming lesson on a rotation basis. All pupils in years 9 – 11 will receive a 110-minute lesson once a week.   In years, 4-7 will be taught using a range of equipment to develop their fundamental skills such as, throwing, catching, balancing, running, and jumping, as well as developing body control and agility. Additionally, pupils will swim for 12 weeks of the year on average.   In years, 8, 9 and 10, pupils are streamed into three pathways: Inclusion, Engagement and Competition. Inclusion will have the opportunity to improve their confidence and motivation in a range of differentiated activities. Engagement will focus on developing team and individual activities based around pupils’ interests. Competition will focus on the competitive element in physical activity, refining skills and applying them in competitive situations.   Year 8 pupils will receive additional swimming on a rotation basis. In year 11 pupils will access local facilities offsite such as the Velo Park, Winners Gym, driving range and swimming. We will also offer specialist coaching within school to deliver activities such as, self-defence, table cricket and tennis.

Benefits to pupils (impact)

  • Pupils to have positive learning experiences in order to enjoy physical activity
  • Foster a lifelong participation in physical activity.
  • Life skills, swimming and cycling.
  • Pupils will have greater knowledge and understanding of a healthy active lifestyle
  • Pupils will improve their physical fitness overtime.
  • Increased confidence in fundamental skills of throwing, catching, jumping, balancing, agility thus improving ability within a game situation
  • Increased confidence in body movements
  • Communication, teamwork and sportsmanship understanding.
  • Increased knowledge of how exercise and physical activity can support mental wellbeing.