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Painting and Decorating

This is a new subject for Combe Pafford School, although parts of this trade have been taught within the Construction pathway in previous years, in 2020 painting and decorating became a stand-alone subject; recognising that this vocational subject is a career path in itself. The first Students from sixth form have been enrolled on various qualifications in AIM’s Level 1, Painting and decorating in the Construction Industry, which is a practical course, with very little theory work involved that can be assessed through professional observation.  We believe this approach is key to maximising practical experience, allowing the students to gain confidence in their ability to make beautiful spaces and become confident with handling tools, equipment and materials used in this trade.  The painting and decorating workshop has always been available to students of all ages but we are hoping that September 2021 will see the first year 10’s join this vocational option. The level 1 course includes learning about and being able to:

  • Use PPE in Painting and decorating
  • Identify and use tools and equipment
  • Choose the right paint for the surface
  • Cut in and paint around angles
  • Hang lining paper
  • Use solvent based paints
  • Clean, look after and store equipment in an appropriate way.

Our workshop is a bright, well ventilated space that keeps evolving every year. For the last few years students have been learning about upcycling furniture, using many of the same processes used in the painting and decorating trade.  We have been able to save and repurpose school furniture and have been donated domestic pieces which some students have sold to staff members, keeping the profits! As we have many of our products donated by Brewers, B and Q and staff members, we can keep our materials costs to a minimum so everyone’s a winner!  Students on qualification routes can join in with this activity while practicing their skills, helping to develop knowledge around this subject.

There are many painting and decorating businesses in the bay, we will be establishing links and work placements to support this vocational option – we hope you will agree that this is a great vocational option, which can be used as a life skills for the future and is an attainable career for many of our pupils.