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At Combe Pafford School, our aim is to teach a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum designed to bring out the best in everyone.

We work to ensure all pupils have access to a supportive, rich learning environment that provides them with the necessary incremental learning steps to build resilience and work-ready skills. Our purpose-built vocational facilities complement our curriculum and ensures that pupils, from an early age, have access to facilities that mimic the workplace to aid the transition to paid employment. Our curriculum is built upon three cornerstones of equal importance: Academic Learning, Personal and Social Development and Work Related Learning.

Our school is split into four phases; Lower School (Years 4-7), Middle School (Year 8 and 9), Upper School (Year 10 and 11) and Sixth Form (Years 12-14). Each phase offers natural transition, new challenges and opportunities that gently encourage curiosity for progression.

Our differentiated learning pathways ensure that each pupil learns at a level appropriate to their needs, whilst our curriculum offer guarantees access to age appropriate resources and context. The curriculum is carefully planned to build upon a variety of learning experiences. As pupils move through the school, we offer a wide range of opportunities to develop skills and knowledge to foster cultural capital.

As pupils enter the Upper School, all pupils have the ability to select the vocational pathways that appeal most to their personal aspirations. They also continue to be supported towards the accreditations that are most appropriate to demonstrate their full capability. Pupils have access to a wide range of accreditations that ensure a truly unique and personalised learning experience for the individual.

In the Sixth Form, the range of bespoke options continue and there is a shared focus on provide pupils with the knowledge and skills to become successful employees and to pursue and progress within their chosen pathways. Our Sixth Form students are actively encouraged to become as independent as possible and to make informed choices about their future whilst gaining work-based experience. They are encouraged to strive for further improved accreditation and to develop communication skills to enable full participation within their communities.

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Last updated: 13th March 2024