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Oracy is a real priority at Combe Pafford. Many of our pupils have speech, language and communication needs detailed on their EHCPs. We know that developing good Oracy skills promotes effective learning in all subjects.

Due to the needs of our pupils, we do not just work on learning through talk, but also spend time supporting pupils learning to talk.

For this reason, we have timetabled weekly Oracy lessons in Year 4-8. These are the lessons in which our pupils learn the skills that they need in order to take part in discussion tasks across the curriculum.

One of the ways we support pupils with learning to talk is by providing them with, and modelling the use of, sentence starters.

Word Webs

One of the ways we support pupils in developing Oracy skills is through the explicit teaching of vocabulary. This helps pupils to better access their learning in all subjects.

We use a word web developed by a speech and language therapist to introduce new words and explore their meaning. The visuals on the word web further support the pupils to develop their understanding.


Promoting conversation at home: