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Online Safety - Social Media

Social Media has become a large part of many of our children’s lives and how they communicate with one another. As parents and carers and as a school we try to embrace this and help our children to understand how to do this in a safe and friendly manner. 

However, there are times of course when social media is not used in a safe and friendly manner and we have seen a rise in incidents resulting in children upset due to unkind comments, online bullying and seeing things which they shouldn’t. 

 As a result of this we are looking at ways to improve how we manage these incidents by working closely with parents and carers to support the children involved. 

 As you know, in school pupils hand their phones in at the start of the day and therefore social media cannot be accessed during the school day. 

However, once pupils are out of school, this is out of our hands. 

As from now if a child is proven to have misused their phones outside of school resulting in a negative impact on another child from our school, we will be in contact with you to discuss the incident. 

As a consequence for this your child will also have an internal exclusion which will include lessons on how to use social media safely. 

 We hope you understand that we have to manage these incidents effectively in order to support our children and ensure that future incidents are reduced. 

 Further to this we will be adding some social media leaflets that you can use to support your child to use social media safely.

Support your child on social media with these excellent resources: