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Occupational Studies

Occupational Studies Curriculum Intent

Our intention is to provide our pupils with a foundation of knowledge and skills, increasing their awareness of a range of jobs, supporting their onward journey to higher education and ultimately into the job market. We aim to focus this qualification around skills that are related to the jobs that are most in need of workers, giving our pupils a better chance of employment if they choose to enter these job areas. We intend to keep the qualification fluid by observing current trends in the job market and choosing content to support current needs stated in publications from local authorities such as Torbay Council and Devon County Council.


This qualification is delivered in-house using the industry standard facilities that we have within a double lesson, once a week. Pupils will be supported in working to identify their own strengths throughout a range of units. Pupils will be provided with regular opportunities to speak to workers from different disciplines to raise their awareness of differing roles and to consider the individual qualities needed to secure a similar position themselves.


Pupils will have an improved knowledge of which jobs are available within the current local job markets and have an increased knowledge of the skills required to fulfil those roles successfully. Pupils will have gained a level 1 qualification at a level appropriate to them which they can carry forward into the next part of their journey towards successful employment.