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Music Curriculum

At Combe Pafford School, our pupils in Years 4 – 9 have the opportunity to study music. Our vision is that all students develop a lifelong enjoyment of music; learning to sing, play an instrument and create music with others. Close attention is paid to developing their listening skills and wider social skills through musical experiences. We provide professional workshops and in school music opportunities as well as links with the local music education hub to create a musical culture across the school. Through music lessons, we develop pupils to have the tools they need for a lifetime of music making and enjoyment through exposure and experience that develop their creativity and ability to express themselves, helping to enrich their lives. 

The curriculum intends:

  • To engage pupils with a range of opportunities to play, sing, perform, create and experience live music, and to have their music heard using the interrelated dimensions of music.  
  • To create a broad musical culture.
  • To learn about a range of composers from the past and present; and their impact on music today.
  • To listen and evaluate music from a range of historical periods, genres, cultures, styles and traditions.
  • To build and develop musical techniques and skills on a wide range of instruments, including the use of technology.
  • To increase pupils self-confidence and ability to express themselves
  • To provide enjoyment and creative opportunities, encouraging pupils to develop personal preferences they can take forward with them in life.

Our curriculum delivery:

Music is taught once a week to pupils in Years 4 – 9. The curriculum has been developed with reference to the National Curriculum, Model Music Curriculum and National Plan for Music to create a specific curriculum that is adapted and regularly reviewed to meet the needs of pupils at Combe Pafford. All pupils in Years 4 - 6 have an opportunity to learn a specific instrument within each year group as part of whole class instrumental tuition. This is built on in Years 7 – 9 with pupils developing their own musical instrument preferences and using these within lessons. Pupils can extend their musical learning through individual tuition and lunchtime clubs. Our curriculum is supported by extension opportunities from the Devon and Torbay Music Education Hubs and wider music community.

Benefits to pupils (Impact):

The offer of Music at Combe Pafford gives pupils the opportunity to increase their confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to express themselves in creative ways. They develop an understanding of the history and culture of music and how it impacts their lives today as a Global citizen, allowing them to value and respect diversity. It enables pupils to have a lifelong skill they can continue to develop beyond Combe Pafford, enriching their life and providing experiences that they may not receive at home. It also supports their memory and coordination, emotional wellbeing and allows pupils to develop confidence, creativity and resilience as they embrace the challenge music education provides and take pride in their work.