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Mathematics Curriculum

At Combe Pafford School, all pupils from Year 4 to Year 14 study Mathematics. This core subject is relevant to all as it offers numeracy skills needed for life and future employment. These are additionally developed through strong cross-curricular learning (e.g Vocational, Science and PSHE). Our vision is for all pupils to feel confident and secure in their Mathematical understanding and fluency in order to reach their full potential.

The curriculum intent:

  • To foster positive attitudes, interest and enthusiasm for Mathematics
  • To give awareness of the Mathematical skills required for independent living and employment
  • To develop problem solving and reasoning skills in order to become logical thinkers
  • To become fluent Mathematicians with the ability to recall and apply knowledge accurately
  • To forge cross curricular links that support Mathematics for life and future employment
  • To provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation to ensure all pupils reach their full potential

Our curriculum delivery:

Mathematics is taught for one lesson per day for Years 4 - 11 and three lessons per week (over two days) for Years 12 - 14. In Years 4 - 8 pupils are taught in their tutor groups, whilst in Years 9 - 14 pupils are set according to Mathematical ability.

In Years 4 - 6, the curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils, starting with the Early Learning Goals and progressing to the National Curriculum. After this point, in Years 7 and 8, the journey splits into two pathways; the National Curriculum (which will lead these pupils into the GCSE pathway) or Functional Skills Entry Level. Once pupils reach Year 9, they are set according to Mathematical ability and an appropriate qualification is chosen for them to work towards.

All Mathematics lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of each individual pupil. Pupils are supported through the use of manipulatives, alongside models and images where appropriate. Interventions outside of the classroom are planned through the use of Academic Tutors to support individuals and small groups.

Benefits to pupils (Impact):

Mathematics at Combe Pafford prepares pupils for life beyond the classroom. Pupils will be able to apply their Mathematical knowledge to real life experiences, with a good level of confidence, due to the fluency and problem solving skills they develop throughout our curriculum. We encourage pupils to leave Combe Pafford as independent learners, problem solvers and show resilience when faced with challenge.