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Life Skills and Independent Living Skills

Life Skills Curriculum

At Combe Pafford School we understand the need to ensure all of our pupils are suitably prepared and encouraged to live an independent, safe and healthy lifestyle. The Life Skills curriculum works to address the challenges faced by our students and content is reviewed regularly to ensure we are adequately meeting the needs of pupils. Our curriculum aims to support our young people into adulthood by promoting good health, independent living options, healthy relationships and community inclusion.

The Curriculum Intends:
•    To prepare pupils for independent life as an adult
•    To prepare pupils to recognise risky situations, how to manage them safely and seek help
•    To teach pupils how to be safe in the community when travelling and getting ready for independent travel
•    To support pupils to make informed decisions on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise, diet and well-being
•    To provide opportunities for pupils to experience different aspects of leisure, identifying ways and means to engage with and enjoy leisure activities

Our curriculum delivery:
Benefits to pupils (impact):
•    Pupils will learn how to take responsibility for their own safety, health and hygiene.
•    Pupils will understand the benefits of playing an active role within their community.
•    Within a safe and supported environment, pupils can role play and explore real life situations and unfamiliar concepts, developing the skills of negotiation, assertiveness, communication and self-awareness.
•    Pupils will be supported to develop the ability to problem-solve within real life situations and manage how to overcome any barriers or fears.