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Pupils at Combe Pafford School deserve an ICT curriculum that prepares them for the digital, fast paced technological world that they will live in.  We want pupils to know more, understand more and remember more in ICT, enabling them to become active participants in a digital world that will play a pivotal part in their lives.
The ICT curriculum at Combe Pafford School encompasses ICT, Digital Literacy and Computing and equips our young people with the skills and abilities to engage, navigate and manage the digital world around them.
These skills empower our young people, making them confident and independent learners, whilst ensuring they understand the negative impact of technology and aids their development as a respectful, responsible digital citizen who knows how to keep themselves and others safe.
The ICT curriculum at Combe Pafford School provides pupils with a skill set that facilitates their entry into further education and employment and helps them meet the challenges and opportunities that they will face there.

The curriculum intents:

  • To ensure pupils are able to understand, use and navigate their digital lives safely.
  • To provide pupils with a broad and balanced ICT curriculum that provides supported, scaffolding learning as well as challenging and engaging content.
  • For pupils to develop and embed a range of ICT skills that ensures progression and builds on previous learning.
  • To ensure pupils are able to use communication technology safely, competently and confidently.
  • To enable pupils to effectively and creatively use technology and to solve problems and apply their IT skills across a range of subjects.
  • To encourage them to engage with ICT beyond the curriculum.

Our curriculum delivery:

ICT is taught once a week to pupils in Years 4 to 8 and twice a week in Years 9 to 11. Teachers follow the ICT Curriculum Map that has been developed by the IT Lead. All resources have been created by the IT Lead and are available on Moodle and within the schools Shared Resources folder on the school system. Teachers delivering ICT are encouraged to edit the resources to differentiate them further, tailoring them to their pupil’s individual needs.

Benefits to pupils (Impact):

Pupils journey through ICT at Combe Pafford schools means that they not only leave the school with two IT qualifications but that they also leave as confident users of technology, who are able to use it to accomplish a variety of goals, both in school, at home and in their working life. They leave Combe Pafford (or go onto Sixth Form) with a secure and comprehensive knowledge of technology and what it is to be a digital citizen, with a sound understanding of the negative and positive benefits of a digital world.