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Hospitality & Catering

Level 1 extended award

Catering & hospitality Group

Employability Group

Prepare Hot and Cold Sandwiches (T/616/1958)

Food Service L1 (credits 3

Food Hygiene & storage (M616/912)

Handling Payment for Goods and Services (T/616/0602)






Level 1 certificate

Catering & hospitality- Hospitality component

Catering & hospitality- Cooking skills

Barista Y/616/9552

Provide a Counter and Takeaway Service J/616/1978

Handling Payment for Goods and Services T/616/0602)

Food Hygiene and Storage M/616/1912

Maintain, Handle and Clean Knives T/616/1927

Level 2

Catering & hospitality- Cooking skills

Catering & hospitality- Hospitality component

Baking Bread, Pastry, Cakes and Biscuits (R/616/9551) L2

credits 8

prepare vegetables for basic dishes (M/616/9606) L2 credits 4

Produce basic egg dish (F/616/1977 ) L1 credits 3

Barista Skills (Y/616/9552) L2 Credits 4

Pupils have been following the Aim qualification, Level 1 Certificate in Skills for Working in Catering and Hospitality Industries and have been taught by a specialist tutor in our purpose-built Yellow Frog Café. Pupils have followed units of work in Customer Service, food service, basic food preparation and cooking, provide a counter and takeaway, handling payment for goods and services, maintain, handle and clean knives, food safety storage and working in Hospitality and Catering. In addition, all pupils have been expected to adhere to and demonstrate safe working practices in the kitchen and Café.  Depending on the number of credits gained, pupils have achieved either the Level 1 Award or the Level 1 Certificate.  Pupils will also have gained some experience in the Café with Barista skills which is also assessed within this qualification if applicable.