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Homework, Assessments & Reports


Homework is set weekly and all pupils are issued with a homework diary to help them with their work both at home and in class.  Parents are asked to support their children with their homework and to check their diaries every week.

Please see our Homework Policy below

Assessment and Reporting to Parents

Pupils’ work is marked constructively on a regular basis using a common school policy.

All pupils are formally assessed at the end of each term and the results are used to measure progress, ensure appropriate access to the curriculum and to predict their potential future attainment.  The levelled skills for Maths, English and Science can be found here

All pupils are set individual targets in Maths, English and Personal and Social Development.  There is also a whole school learning target each term for Lower, Middle and Upper School.

In Years 10 and 11, all pupils (and parents) are given the predicted grades for Entry Level and GCSE examinations.  These are the expected outcomes if pupils work hard, attend regularly and do their homework.

Parents and pupils are invited to attend progress meetings three times a year with tutors, teachers and school leaders and opportunities are given for parents to view their child’s work and to involve themselves in the setting of individual targets for their son/daughter.