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Hairdressing is taught in our purpose built, industry standard hair salon. The course that is currently followed is the City and Guilds 3001 Level 1 Certificate: ‘An Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector’. This qualification consists of a core introductory unit plus practical modules on shampooing, presenting a professional image and styling

The hairdressing course provides opportunities for pupils to practice customer care, to apply their hairdressing skills using a variety of ‘clients’ including professional blocks and their classmates, whilst using professional equipment which are commonly found in commercial salons.

Pupils will experience and practise a range of practical skills including:

  • Washing hair
  • Applying shampoo and conditioner   
  • Drying hair
  • Styling hair
  • Applying rollers
  • Setting
  • Plaiting
  • Looking after customers
  • Make up and manicure

Combe Pafford employs a robust system of assessment and internal verification which ensures that all candidates receive the best chance to succeed in their chosen option choice. All assessment is by means of a portfolio of work which may include a range of assessment evidence including: Direct observation, written evidence, verbal responses, question and answer and photographs, meaning that the collection of assessment evidence can be tailored to an individual pupil’s needs. 

This course is suitable for any pupil who is keen to try out the Hair and Beauty Sector or who knows they would like to become a hairdresser in the future.