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Enrichment Opportunities

A huge range of enrichment and personal development opportunities exist for Sixth Form students should they wish to take advantage of them. At the start of every school year, all students participate in a Teambuilding Day which takes place either at a local adventure centre or on Dartmoor – this is designed to break the ice and allow students to form friendships whilst working in small groups on a challenge. Other optional opportunities include :

  • The National Apprenticeship Show – students can opt to visit the National Apprenticeship Show in Exeter to meet a range of employers, colleges and training providers
  • Inspirational Trips - all students on a vocational pathway will get the opportunity to go on an inspirational visit linked to their pathway, recent examples being RHS Rosemoor, Monkey World, Ariel Motor Company, Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station, Harrods and the Devon County Show
  • Driving Lessons – for students who are serious about learning to drive, we arrange and pay for a driving assessment at the Devon Drivers’ Centre at Westpoint, and if found suitable, the school will pay for the students’ first 10 lessons with our nominated driving instructor
  • Motorcycle Competence – for students who would benefit from the chance to ride a moped to get to/from sixth form or a work placement, the school can arrange and pay for a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course at Newton Abbot Race Course
  • Social Events – every half-term we organise out-of-school social events in the evening which students can choose to attend for a subsidised rate and enjoy with their sixth form friends
  • Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge – Sixth Formers are eligible to sign up for Ten Tors training and aim for a place in one of the teams for the expedition itself, with the prospect of gaining a medal for successful completion on the day
  • European Residential – every year we organise a residential experience in Europe based on where students have voted for; this is always very popular with students – recent favourites include Paris, Barcelona and Edinburgh
  • Lessons from Auschwitz Project (LFA) – this is a government project designed to get sixth formers to visit the concentration camps in Poland in order to gain a better understanding of the Holocaust; we generally nominate two students each year
  • Outward Bound Scholarships – for a small number of students who are motivated to travel independently to Wales, the Lake District or Scotland, we can apply to the Sir Francis Chichester Trust for a bursary to cover the costs of a 2-week Outward Bound course, where they attend alongside other young people from across the UK