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English Curriculum

The vision for the English curriculum is to enable all pupils to be able to communicate with others, feel included and valued within society and develop towards independence; for many this will mean developing the communication skills needed for employment. All pupils access a challenging and engaging curriculum, from KS2-KS5, tailored to meet their individual needs. Pupils become better communicators through explicit teaching and tracking of Reading, Writing and Oracy. Close attention is paid to teaching and embedding the use of key vocabulary. The curriculum intends to develop a love of reading by providing access to rich and varied texts that reflect pupils' own experiences, and introduce them to experiences of the wider world.

The curriculum intent:

  • To develop reading, writing and spoken language skills
  • Partake in shared reading to give them skills to comprehend every text and the confidence to write ambitiously and accurately
  • Learn grammar in context, with a comprehensive grammar bank to build knowledge
  • Develop their vocabulary, using Oracy activities, drama and discussion

Our curriculum delivery:

The end points for our pupils will range from Entry Level English Certificate and Functional Skills to GCSE English Language.

Year 4-8

  • Oracy lesson
  • Texts That Teach Lessons per week
  • Timetabled English Skills lessons (either RWI/Fresh Start or RWI Spelling and Accelerated Reader)

Year 9-11

  • Timetabled Accelerated Reader sessions (Early Readers access the Fresh Start scheme)
  • Timetabled intervention sessions
  • 6 Core English lessons, working towards accreditations

6th Form

  • 3 lessons per week - Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening
  • Accelerated Reader used to assess and support intervention
  • Lessons tailored to cover skills necessary for pupils' next level of qualification (Entry Level 1 to Level 2/GCSE)

Benefits to pupils (Impact):

Pupils leave Combe Pafford School equipped to access a wide range of opportunities with as much independence as possible and employment skills for all. This is underpinned by a secure foundation in functional literacy skills and the most ambitious and appropriate qualifications. Pupils make clear progress in all areas of English. They have a love of reading beyond the curriculum, which has been developed through their journey at Combe Pafford. They have an interest in and respect for a diverse range of cultures and viewpoints.

Last updated: 7th March 2024