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Employability Skills

This is a supportive qualification which aims to develop and enhance the essential skills required for pupils to move into the working environment.  The qualification aims to improve pupils’ confidence and social communication skills in order to prepare them for potentially complex world of employment.  Pupils will be encouraged to take part in a range of activities that are designed to reflect a real life work situation and within those work situations pupils will work towards different units including:

  • Understanding mindset
  • Taking part in a project
  • Following instructions
  • Working in a team
  • Being safe and healthy at work.

Combe Pafford employs a robust system of assessment and internal verification which ensures that all candidates receive the best chance to succeed in their chosen option choice. All assessment is by means of a portfolio of work which may include a range of assessment evidence including: Direct observation, written evidence, verbal responses, question and answer and photographs, meaning that the collection of assessment evidence can be tailored to an individual pupil’s needs. 

This qualification is an essential choice for those who feel that they need a little extra support or knowledge about the skills needed to make themselves attractive to potential employers and, to support them in understanding the skills required to ensure that an employer is happy with their working attitude.