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Developing Independence for Work

This route aims to develop the independence of students as they gain confidence on their journey towards working life. The students following this route have demonstrated that they are ready to experience work opportunities in a supportive environment, alongside their core studies and chosen vocational pathway. Whilst the aim is to develop independence for work, this route also supports the skills needed towards achieving independent living and independent travel.

This route intends:

  • To improve the level students achieve in English, Mathematics and IT
  • To support students in gaining self-confidence and to build self-esteem
  • To help students to identify their strengths and areas of development
  • To allow students to explore a variety of career opportunities with varying degrees of support
  • To encourage independence both within the workplace and in the wider world

Curriculum implementation:

Within this route, students will receive two days of core learning which involves the teaching of English, Mathematics, PSHE, IT and Employability. The English and Mathematics curriculum both work towards a Functional Skills qualification and are taught three times a week; for students working at a higher level, a GCSE curriculum is offered. The IT curriculum is focused on skills that will support them in the modern world. The Employability curriculum aims to deliver the necessary skills and knowledge to support students in their journey towards employment. The PSHE curriculum aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of their health and well-being, including their mental and physical health.

Students will access their vocational pathway for one day a week, where they will develop their skills through a variety of learning activities. The pathways are Animal Care, Care, Construction, Hairdressing, Horticulture, Hospitality and Catering, Motor Vehicle, Painting and Decorating and Retail.

The remaining two days will be centred around sheltered work placements and work skills, where the students will be supported to develop their resilience and confidence. One of these days will be offsite working with an employer in a small group with the support of a job coach. Students will work towards an independent placement, within a local trusted partnership, where they can continue to develop their independence.

Impact for students:

The students following this route will have an improved knowledge of the workplace and have developed the skills to support their journey towards future employment. They will recognise their strengths and areas for development by being reflective learners and have an understanding of how to seek support when required. Students will have improved their confidence across their academic and working environment, as they work towards obtaining academic and vocational qualifications. Through experiencing a variety of opportunities centred around the workplace, the students will gain a better understanding of the employment sectors and how these may fit within their future. Students will develop their independence and demonstrate this as they progress through the programme towards an independent work placement.