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Developing Aspirations for Life

This route aims to develop the aspirations of students in order to support them to make informed choices in their adult life. The students following this route are not yet able to access a full day of vocational learning and therefore will focus on their skills of independence, alongside their core studies, whilst being offered a variety of life experiences to support their choices for the future.

This route intends:

  • To improve the level students achieve in English, Mathematics and IT
  • To support students in gaining self-confidence and to build self-esteem
  • To help students to identify their strengths and areas of development
  • To allow students to explore a variety of life experiences
  • To develop independent living skills

Curriculum implementation:

Within this route, students will receive two days of core learning which involves the teaching of English, Mathematics, IT and PSHE. The English and Mathematics curriculum both work towards a Functional Skills qualification and are taught three times a week. The IT curriculum is focused on skills that will support students in the modern world. The PSHE curriculum aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of their health and well-being, including their mental and physical health.

Students will access Independent Living Skills for one day of the week, where they will learn about preparation for adult life. This will involve learning about personal safety, home living and cooking meals. On a second day, students will be involved in a variety of community projects, supporting charities, experiencing working life and learning new skills.

On the remaining day, students will have the option to follow a vocational pathway in Animal Care, Construction, Horticulture, Hospitality and Catering, Motor Vehicle. Alternatively, there is an opportunity that students might access a day of alternative provision from an external provider.

Impact for students:

The students following this route will develop their skills of independence whilst also gaining experience of the world around them. Through these experiences they will gain more of an understanding of where their interests lie and the path they may wish to take in the future. Students will continue to progress in their core studies and gain qualifications to support their aspirations as they work towards a vocational interest. Students will be more aware of how to look after their health both physically and mentally and also improve their understanding of how to complete everyday tasks to promote their independence.