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The Communication curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the pupils in our Sixth Form ‘Preparing for Work’ groups. These pupils are considered to be some of our lower attaining pupils who have communication as an area of need on their EHCP. As well as a number of pupils diagnosed with Autism, these groups also include many pupils whose primary area of need is SLCN (Speech, Language and Communication Needs), highlighting the importance of a social communication programme within their curriculum.

The aim of our Communication curriculum is that it supports pupils to feel confident in their preparation for adulthood and encourages them to use appropriate communication in their everyday lives. As our pupils move through their Communication journey we hope that these new skills will be transferred when working towards future employment.

The curriculum intends:

  • To promote confidence when communicating with others
  • To prepare students for life outside of the Sixth Form
  • To promote positive social skills in order to build healthy relationships
  • To give students the skills to keep themselves safe
  • To support a better understanding of mental health

Our curriculum delivery:

Within this subject, pupils are able to engage in discussions surrounding current affairs in a safe environment. They are able to learn about and practice communication skills before putting them into real-life situations. They are able to communicate and socialise with their peers within a guided setting and develop their skills in a place where they feel comfortable.

The curriculum is taught using a practical learning style and delivered through a carousel of activities. These activities focus on a variety of communication areas including: team building, instructions, non-verbal communication, discussion, decision making and communication in the wider world.

Following each unit, students are assessed on their understanding through a skill celebration in the form of an engaging activity linked to the unit’s objectives.

Benefits to pupils (Impact):

Through their Communication learning journey, the aim is for students to become confident communicators across a range a settings. Students will have experienced communicating in a variety of situations with both familiar and unfamiliar adults and peers. Students will have developed positive social skills which they will be able to utilise both in and outside of the Sixth Form. Students will be confident to speak out in situations where they may feel unsafe or uncomfortable and vocalise their needs. As a result of becoming a better communicator there will an improvement in their mental health.