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Careers Curriculum Intent

Careers Education, Information and Guidance Programme

Our vision at Combe Pafford School is to get as many pupils into employment as possible. For those not ready for work, the aspiration is to be able to live as independently as they can. The CEIAG programme is central in providing pupils with access to information, activities and experiences that are crucial in enabling pupils to learn about the skills and qualities that are required for the job opportunities available to them. The CEIAG programme at Combe Pafford School aims to raise pupils’ aspirations, raise awareness of employment possibilities and remove barriers to employment. Through this programme, we believe that we are empowering our pupils and encouraging them to develop into skilled, aware and independent adults that are prepared for the world of work. Ultimately, improved chances of employment, we know, lead to a chance of an improved quality of life; this is the vision for all pupils at Combe Pafford School.     

The programme intends*:

  • To provide pupils with an awareness of the job opportunities that are available to them based on up to date labour market information (GB 2)
  • To teach pupils what skills and qualities are needed for different occupations and occupational categories (GB 1, 3, 4)
  • To provide the time, space and resources for pupils to become reflective about their own strengths and areas for develop from an employment point of view
  • To provide regular encounters with employers, employees, workplaces and further and higher education setting (GB 5, 6, 7)
  • To offer personal guidance for our pupils’ next steps which is provided by our Careers Advisor, Steph Morgan  (GB 8)

Our programme delivery:

CEIAG is embedded throughout the curriculum at Combe Pafford School. However, outlined below are the forms in which CEIAG is manifested at different stages of pupils’ learning journeys.

Benefits to pupils (Impact):


The ultimate goal of the programme is for as many pupils as possible to gain employment in the future. Through regular exposure of up-to-date labour market information, contact with employers, work experience and placement opportunities and specifically-taught relevant job search skills etc. we hope that our pupils are more likely to be able to make positive, informed choices regarding their futures. In addition to supporting their choice-making, we are also equipping our pupils with the important practical skills and academic knowledge that will reduce barriers to employment and enable them to secure employment in the future.