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COVID-19 Updates

We have now been issued with the following new guidance which came into effect from 1st April. The key piece of information which I am sure you will be aware of, is the end of routine testing/reporting which we have become accustomed to over the past months.

This means we will no longer be testing pupils in school nor providing any test kits, neither will be asking school staff to test twice a week as they have been doing consistently for several months. Hopefully, we have now turned a corner and testing and face masks will become a thing of the past, but obviously covid hasn’t disappeared completely and should your youngster have symptoms, we ask that you please keep them at home for at least 3 days and especially if they have a high temperature.

Can I thank you for your support and understanding over the past months, and hope we are now at the beginning of a summer without testing, face masks and isolating.

I have listed the main points of the guidance below,

Mike Lock, Headteacher

The latest DfE guidance is summarised below:

  •  We are now to protect those most vulnerable and learn to live with COVID – COVID is now just one of many respiratory illnesses
  • We should no longer test pupils/adults either routinely or if symptomatic
  • Children should only test if advised by a health professional
  • Pupils and staff should not attend school if unwell with symptoms specifically a high temperature and not return until the high temperature has subsided. Adults should remain at home for 5 days and children under 18 for 3 days
  • Asymptomatic testing is no longer recommended
  • Schools should retain any unused testing kits but not distribute to staff/pupils without PHE guidance
  • Previous COVID guidance has now been withdrawn
  • Now we mix in open society the benefit of regular testing is no longer as effective in preventing onward transmission – it is more effective to be vaccinated
  • If a parent sends a pupil in with symptoms schools should not test them but request the parent collects the child and they stay at home. Schools can refuse for the pupil to be in school to protect onward transmission