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Ten Tors 2023

On April 28th and April 29th 2023 twenty one pupils from years 9, 10, 11 and 6th form took part in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge event.

The Jubilee Challenge event is designed for young people aged between 14 and 21 with a range of challenging conditions who complete one of several routes suited to their abilities.

Children who entered the event had demonstrated commitment to completing the challenge by giving up their Sundays in order to train for the event, coupled with the staff, who I must thank for dedicating their time to helping the children to train. With the training complete we moved into event mode and made our way up to Okehampton Battle Camp on the Friday afternoon, allocating the children’s accommodation for the evening (tents) and ensuring they could get into the swing of event by attending the event market and, new for this year, the mini music festival.

Jenny and Kerry from the catering team kindly volunteered to help this year and made a fantastic meal in the evening (much improved on Mr Wallace and Miss Kvesic last year!) with all fed and hot chocolate and cookies had, pupils made their way to bed.

Saturday morning, a 5am wakeup call from the loud speakers, weary heads made their way for breakfast, once again cooked by Jenny and Kerry on the gas stoves. 6:50am we made our way down to the start line in our groups and by 7:30am we were off on our challenge.

We had 4 teams, 2 in the 11 mile route and 2 in the 15 mile route. Both teams in each route walked together and spurred each other on with support and good spirits. The routes were very different but we were fortunate to see each other at 2 check points throughout. Mr Burwood led the 11 mile, Mr Wallace leading the 15 mile route.

We were coming towards the end at Yes Tor when both teams met for the 2nd time, knowing this would be the last time we would see them before the end. The 15 milers having 3.5 miles left to walk and the 11 milers having just under 2 miles left to walk, we wished each other luck and with energy levels dwindling we made our way off onto the last leg. What was to ensue has never happened before and I doubt will happen again.

With the final check points completed and several blisters and sore, soggy feet, we headed back to camp, where the finish line awaited us. Coming over the final hill we spotted the flash of pink hair on the adjacent hill, the pink hair of one Liv from the 11 mile team… que Miss Kvesic and a very simple ‘run!’ and a stampede of both teams running to beat one another to the holding area before entering the finish line. 21 tired pupils, who had been complaining of blisters and heavy legs found the energy of a prime Mo Farah and we finished within 5 seconds of each other. A fantastic end to an amazing event…

When crossing the finish line all pupils crossed together and had a one in a million group photo which completely made the event for me personally. All pupils congratulating each other and seeing both parents and pupils proud is what it’s all about.

Congratulations to all the pupils who took part, we are all extremely proud of you.

Combe Pafford 11 Miler A: Lexi Wilson, Alix Beadle, Matthew Roberts, Tyler Von Ellson, CJ Stapleton, Rebecca Gerlade

Combe Pafford 11 Miler B: Daniel Lock, Liv Avery, Jake Brimicombe, Chloe Williams, Oliver Boyne, Riley Brink.

Combe Pafford 15 Miler A: Damian Craggs, Thomas Cozens, Matthew Welsh, Riley Parsons, Connor Irving.

Combe Pafford 15 Miler B: Harley Clements, Bryn Joyce, Liam Dance, Luke Feltham.


I would personally like to thank the adults who either assisted with training and the event – in no particular order. Mr Thompson, Miss Kvesic, Mr Burwood, Mrs Mowat, Ms Pitocco, Jenny, Kerry, Mr Lock, Mr Slingsby, Mrs Hill, Craig


Very special mention to Mr Thompson who has dedicated over 30 years to Ten Tors training, and to Mrs Mowat and Ms Pitocco who have no amassed over 10 years each.