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Compassion in Action


Youth & Community Project

Compassion in Action - Youth & Community Project, in Torbay, Devon, support teenagers struggling with mental health difficulties and provide services to parents of children who are struggling with their mental wellbeing. 

Their services enable young people to empower themselves, learn more about their mental wellbeing and develop strategies to heal trauma. They specialise in equipping young people and parents not only to address their own mental wellbeing, but also to go on to support others to achieve the same. Their peer-to-peer support model, for teenagers and parents, aims to strengthen their community through expanding its knowledge and practice of how to look after ourselves and each other. 

​8 Week Support Course - for parents / guardians who have children struggling with their mental wellbeing

There seems to be a collective increase in awareness about the relationship between trauma and mental health. The aim of our project is to be able to help you as parents/guardians understand what is happening for your child, as well as being part of a group with other parents/guardians to be supported in meeting the challenges you are facing.

This programme is for small groups of parents/guardians and is designed to be informative, fun and engaging, as well as deeply supportive. This course will provide a non-judgemental therapeutic space, where we will enable you to support yourself and each other.  For more details on our approach to these sessions, please read our About page.

Places are offered free of charge, limited to 12 people per group.
 Who is the course for?

This is a course is for any parents / guardians or foster carers who care for a child/children aged 6-25 yrs, who are struggling with their mental health.

Your child does not have to have a formal recognised diagnosis, they maybe showing signs of struggling with their mental health such as:
  • Anxiety (including social anxiety)
  • Isolation
  • Difficulty engaging with school or peers
  • Feeling low or depressed
  • Difficulties around food and/or body image
  • Difficulties around sexuality or gender identity 
  • Obsessive / compulsive behaviours
  • Difficulty with sleep and/or nightmares 
  • Talking about life having no meaning (maybe feeling suicidal) 
  • Struggling following a life event or bereavement
Format of the sessions:

Included within the 8 session support course:
  • Exploring issues young people are facing with their mental health, including educational videos, and group discussion, supported by mental health professionals.
  • Specific educational input on Anxiety, Depression, The Effects of Trauma and what supports recovery, as well as offering you lots of practical tools and techniques for things you can do at home to help
  • Teaching you some therapeutic tools and techniques to be able to explore how you can look after your own well-being.
  • Working in smaller groups exploring some of the difficulties you might be experiencing, receiving support from your peers. 
  • Understand what you maybe be able to do at home, to support yourself and your child better
  • Look at ways we can create local support as a community on-going after the course
  • Having some fun! - it's important!

Please click on this link for more information and to book a place: