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Science in the Movies

During the week beginning 9th March, our Combe Pafford Science week gave pupils the opportunity to make familiar links to science and fuel their engagement in the subject, by recreating scenes from movies using Science to create 'special effects'.

Upper school pupils tested out techniques such as dry ice, the van der graaf machine, flashes, bangs, light and sounds for special effects. Each class in years 4-9 had 3 days to recreate a movie scene, which was then watched in our hall with lots of popcorn (we even discussed the science behind why popcorn pops!).

4N- Up, 5M- Harry Potter, 5E- Charlie and the Chocolate factory, 6B- Ice age, 7B-Home alone, 7OThe Incredibles, 7J- Jurassic Park, 8P- A Christmas Carol, 8WMoana, 8S - Ghost Busters, 8N - Toy Story, 9A- Star wars, 9M - The blob meets Flubber, 9C - Harry Potter, 9T - The joker meets Jurassic Park.

All pupils and staff should be really proud of themselves; the scenes that they produced were fantastic and had us all in stitches! I was impressed by the engagement and determination of our pupils to learn and try new things, Science week lunch club was full of eager learners! A selection of pupils from years 4-11 will be chosen to go on a special mystery scientist’s day out soon. We will put a selection of the movie scenes up on the screen in reception; they are too good not to show!

Well done everyone!

Mrs McGregor