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Hinduism and Sikhism: Combe Pafford Explores Faith

On Wednesday 28th February, Combe Pafford School were lucky enough to welcome Muhutiny Sivasothy AND Saranjit Kaur to our Whole School Assembly to talk about their faiths.

By request from our guests, the assembly began by asking the audience where they came from. The responses were… entertaining to say the least! We had guesses from Italy to America to Scotland to India!

Our guests finally revealed where they were from; Muhitiny comes from Sri Lanka and is of the Hindu faith. Saranjit, to the surprise of our audience, announced that she was born in London. She did explain that her family heritage is Indian, but this did demonstrate to pupils that in the UK we have a wide range of cultures to celebrate!

Muhutiny shared with pupils how worship is done in the Hindu faith. She talked about how different Hindu gods are worshipped, which often includes having a shrine in the family home which is worshipped like a living breathing thing. One of the most amazing parts of the assembly was when Muhutiny led a meditation to end the assembly.

Saranjit discussed how Sikhs consider themselves, and are considered, as warriors, because they must be willing to defend their faith and what is right. Saranjit talked the audience through items that an initiated Sikh must wear, which included a bracelet (Kara), a comb (Kangha) and a dagger (kirpan).

We want to thank the guests very much for visiting us from Plymouth; engaging with different cultures like this provides a new dimension to our pupils’ education!