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Visit to Brunel Woods

Visit to Brunel Woods for CACHE Level 1 Award in Caring for Children

This term, Year 10 Care students went for a trip to Brunel Woods to support their understanding of what children can learn from the natural environment. We split into two teams to collect objects of interest and had a lovely sunny walk all around the woods to see what young children might pick up. We picked up sticks, flowers, feathers, rocks, leaves, snail shells and even a pair of sunglasses! We all had a great time exploring the woods.

Pupils were tasked with answering the question ‘What might a child be curious to know about the objects you collected?’


Pupils arranged their objects on a piece of paper, identified them and added questions young children may ask about them.


Pupils were curious about their own objects and we discussed how small rocks and stones are formed, why flowers grow in some areas and not others and why leaves are all different colours.

We will continue this topic throughout the term and investigate more natural environments that support young children’s learning such as beaches, farms, moors, rivers and lakes. Great work Year 10 Care!                    Mrs Stone