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Trip to Exeter Mosque

TWO year eight classes went on a trip to Exeter Mosque as part of their learning about Islam.

In preparation for the visit, the children wrote down burning questions they desperately wanted answering about the religion.

The pupils had already studies mosques before we got there so they had an idea on what they were about to see in the building.

We were met by our host who explained that Muslims take their shoes off when they enter a Mosque.

Our host took us through some of the main parts of Islam before a call was let out for Muslims to gather in the large room upstairs to pray.

The children sat at the back of the room to get a taste of how Muslims pray – they all face in the direction of Mecca in front of the Imam, who leads worship.

Our host explained that Muslims pray five times a day and the children were surprised to hear that most Muslims donate some of their wages to the poor.

We had a whistle-stop tour of the building, exploring the state-of-the-art wash rooms where men would wash their hands and feet before praying.

It was a fascinating trip and the children gained a great deal of knowledge and understanding about Islam.