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BBC Ten Pieces Creative Music Workshop

BBC Ten pieces creative music workshop

The BBC Ten pieces project is a music project aimed at opening up the world of classical music and inspiring pupils to create their own musical pieces.

Musicians from the BBC Symphony orchestra and BBC Concert orchestra visited pupils to run two creative workshops based on Aaron Copeland’s Rodeo – Hoe Down.

Pupils had the opportunity to listen to the musicians perform and work alongside them to compose a creative piece of music using their voices, body percussion, musical instruments and sounds.

The musicians who joined us were:

Tamsy Kaner - Cello (BBC Symphony orchestra)

Steve Whibley  - Percussion (BBC Concert orchestra)

Ileana Ruhemann  - Flute (BBC Concert orchestra)

David Beaman  - Violin (BBC Concert orchestra)


There was a fantastic response from the pupils involved who worked as part of a large group to create a piece of music involving lots of different rhythms, instruments and sounds.

The BBC will be uploading some of our responses from the day to their website soon. www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/24Jsw57VsVCqZqGKCk9YPrt/ten-pieces-coaching-scheme